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High inconvertibility

You can mine in a variety of options including the most popular cryptocurrencies like bitcoins, Litecoins, Dash, Monera and lot more. If you wish to transfer mining into another cryptocurrency other than the one you are currently mining, simply go to the option of ‘Change currency’ and select from the list of currencies displayed in the pop-up menu. With each currency, you can see its current value in the market and the ongoing trend in the trade market. You can either retain the already earned coins or convert them into regular currency by switching to conversion meter. The conversion meter converts the currency value into the corresponding value of the regular currency as per your choice.

A real assistant and a true guide

You will get an advisor on which currency to trade in, but reliable assistants for mining digital currencies are few in number. This mining assistant will analyze your preferences, puzzle solving technique and results and recommend the cryptocurrency in which you will excel the most. The more the number of solved puzzles, the more the number of new coins you get.

Compare and mine

When we have competitors, we strive harder and get a better result. This optional feature allows you to compare your wins with all or selected counterparts and also the facility to join mining pools. The statistics and members of all mining pools are displayed in each profile so that you decide with clarity.


Have a system running on a sluggish processor? Worried about the electricity bill that is going to shock you? Not feeling comfortable in fetching a high-power GPU for your mining desires? Our cost-effective and energy efficient hardware is the solution.